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When the service is in progress, you should be able to view it below. In addition to special services, we stream our 10 a.m. service every Sunday.

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Linda Juba (04.03.2016 @ 12:10:18)
May Elizabeth Boone McLean go in peace. Her sermon today was on of the most inspiring messages I have ever heard. A message for all. Thanks be to God.

Gilbert Segovia (04.03.2016 @ 09:28:50)
Spending the weekend in Los Angeles.

Marsha Marlatt (03.27.2016 @ 12:21:54)
Another wonderful Easter sermon and service. I have always wondered why certain people only feel the need to come to church on Christmas and Easter. It is sad the church can't be filled to capacity every Sunday. The C & E's don't have a clue of what they are missing at PHPC every week.

John Slocum (03.27.2016 @ 12:05:20)
I usually listen on wrr radio but today enjoyed it online. Thank you for the good experience!

David & Leanne Messersmith (03.27.2016 @ 12:04:57)
Wonderful Service!

Bonnie Hill (03.27.2016 @ 11:05:37)
I appreciate online access to the service when out of town.

Levis and Sharon Judson (03.27.2016 @ 10:11:25)
Thank you for the opportunity to view worship services from our hospital room this Easter Sunday. Alleluia!

Joan McFarlane (03.27.2016 @ 08:57:01)
I would have preferred to be sitting with you through this glorious service, but I was with you in spirit!

euniece williams (03.25.2016 @ 20:14:20)
Thank You for this great service!

Julie Richard (03.25.2016 @ 19:06:12)
Russell Julie Jackson Caroline Emma

GLORIA HALL (03.20.2016 @ 12:19:01)

Marsha Marlatt (03.20.2016 @ 12:06:07)
Great sermon .

Diane Ellis (03.20.2016 @ 12:05:45)

Lisa Centala (03.20.2016 @ 12:02:35)
Powerful words to bring us into Holy Week.

Betty Baldwin (03.20.2016 @ 11:07:53)
Wonderful Palm Sunday Service

Joe (03.16.2016 @ 14:23:05)
Wonderful memorial service and celebration of the life of Donnie Duncan.

Anne Peck (03.16.2016 @ 13:05:31)
Here for Donnie Duncan's services

Ken (03.16.2016 @ 12:47:24)
thank you for providing this stream of Donnie service

Bailey Broughton (03.16.2016 @ 12:37:24)
So thankful we could follow the service since we are out of town.

Marsha Marlatt (03.13.2016 @ 12:06:22)
The highlight of my week is live streaming PHPC and Rev.Ruffner's sermon.

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