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Linda Juba (07.03.2016 @ 10:55:36)
Great message. Memories of communion as a youth....I am 76 yrs of age and think back to ages 6-12 while visiting my Grandmother during the summer . We attended 1st Pres in Lubbock,TX. I always took communion as my Grandmother said, "it is the Lord's table". I do not remember being or the Church restricting participation. But the sermon was great. Thanks very much for bringing for early special memories.

GLORIA HALL (06.26.2016 @ 11:22:25)

Marsha Marlatt (06.26.2016 @ 11:12:47)
I have never had baptism explained in such a wonderful way.

Linda Juba (06.26.2016 @ 11:10:24)
Beautiful and bittersweet service of worship. Sad to lose a wonderful Minister of Music.

Tom Teschner (06.19.2016 @ 10:38:00)
Enjoying this presentation very much

Linda Juba (06.12.2016 @ 10:41:02)
Live streaming issues...could not hear remainder of sermon or service.

Beth Moriarty (06.12.2016 @ 10:08:13)

Beth Moriarty (06.05.2016 @ 11:14:06)

Marsha Marlatt (06.05.2016 @ 11:09:31)
I am looking forward to the summer series. It was a great start today.

Linda Juba (06.05.2016 @ 10:46:05)
Good message and food for thought.

Tom McKinnon (05.29.2016 @ 10:18:32)
Feed was not good today. It would keep breaking up!BC

Marsha Marlatt (05.22.2016 @ 12:10:24)
I am so grateful that the Church Foundation provides live streaming. Great sermon by Rev.Ruffner Rev.Ruffner as well

Sarah Kopec (05.22.2016 @ 11:50:48)
Great message today!

Linda Juba (05.22.2016 @ 11:45:53)
Exceptional message today. Very well stated.

Marsha Marlatt (05.15.2016 @ 12:07:04)
Great service as usual.

Mary Metz (05.15.2016 @ 12:06:43)
Enjoyed so much Dr. Poteets Aunt

Elizabeth Vezina (05.15.2016 @ 11:57:38)
Awesomeness in every way!

Elizabeth Vezina (05.15.2016 @ 11:57:03)
Awesomeness! In every way!

Beth Moriarty (05.15.2016 @ 11:05:33)

Tom McKinnon (05.15.2016 @ 10:15:24)
I live in Illinois and watch every Sunday.. I really think Rev. Ruffner is a true gift from God. I always get messages that stay with me everyday. Thank you for streaming this service.

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