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The Giving Tree

Beneficiaries of your Giving Tree generosity
The following missions of PHPC will be the beneficiaries of your generosity through The Giving Tree this year.

VMLC Preschoolers and McShan Elementary
Adopt one of the preschool children from VMLC and provide a small present for their pre-Christmas holiday party. These presents are due mid-December. Or you can provide small educational toys and incentives for teachers to use with students at our adopted DISD school, McShan Elementary. Presents need to be returned by mid-December. Details are provided at the VMLC-McShan table.

Malawi Mission
Our mission in Malawi supports advanced study students in medicine, nursing, teaching, and theology. We also provide support for shallow water wells in rural villages. The school for the blind and the school for the hard of hearing receive scholarship and program support through our Christmas funds. More information is available at the Malawi table.

Nicaragua Mission
Through our partners at CEPAD, we help strengthen families by providing services that move them from subsistence living to thriving families that are able to send their children to school. We also support the only live Christian broadcasting station that reaches 90 percent of Nicaragua's population and is particularly valuable for those living in remote areas. More information is available at the Nicaragua table.

Cottages at Hickory Crossing
Fifty of Dallas' most vulnerable homeless will be moved into their very own permanent cottages in January. Funds collected over Christmas will help furnish those cottages and provid 24/7 supportive services. More information is available at the Cottages table.