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About the artist

 George C. Scott began working in glass in 1976 with a studio in Laguna Beach. He moved to Seattle in 1993 and continued to explore glassblowing, glass casting, and glass fusing and slumping. His work includes sculpture, art glass lighting, and a variety of architectural elements and applications. His art work may be seen in galleries, collections and public installations including University of Delaware, Yakima College, and New Orleans' Lakefront Airport or on his website He maintains a studio the Seattle area and continues to play with broken glass. He's a long time fan of Pilchuck Glass School and often donates to the Pilchuck auction.

Artist Statement:

“I think there are certain universal aspects in the visual world that strike a chord. Things like the proportion of the Golden Mean, the curve of the crescent moon, or the geometry of the fractal equation all have a quality that captivates. It’s one of those things I cannot quite define but I know it when I see. I’m always moving toward that line or curve that resonates.” 
"My inspiration comes from the same place everyone's comes from, that great etheric wellspring of creativity wherein busy Muses frolic, passing out inspiration, ideas, poetic phrases, diverse visions, and delicious melodies. I tap into this source when I can but more often I get great ideas studying other people's great ideas. This is sort of a Gestaltish kind of concept where the result of that interplay culminates in something far more poignant than what one might uncover waiting on Muses."

The Baptismal Font